May 29, 2015

Embedding Vimeo videos in WordPress

UPDATE: The author of the original Lux plugin just updated it to version 1.1, including my HTML5 change inside it. You can find the original plugin here:

I am sure he’ll keep this updates far better than I ever will, so you’re welcome to use his own version instead.

Several weeks ago one of my team ran into an awesome WordPress plugin which allows you to embed Vimeo videos with a simple short tag system, similar to the omnipresent BBcode. Specifically, from the readme.txt:

Allows the user to embed Vimeo movie clips by entering a shortcode () into the post area. Vimeo’s options are supported as short code attributes.

More usage options in the readme.txt file inside the ZIPped package.

As you may remember, few days ago Vimeo launched the HTML5 version of his videos embed code, making possible for our beloved iPhone and iPad owners to watch embedded videos directly from their favorite device.
The Lux plugin however has not been updated yet and I am not totally sure if it will be in the short term.
To be honest, updating it was quite easy, so here I am sharing the little bit of code i swapped around to make it work with the new HTML5-friendly devices.

You can download the plugin ZIP file here, and to install:

1. Unzip `` and upload the contained files to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Credits: original Lux Vimeo plugin creator, Matroschka (

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  1. Gabriele Maidecchi
    Twitter: maidoesimple

    You’re very welcome William! It is kind of ironic ’cause we were using the version I cite in my credits before this modification we made, it was working ok but wasn’t tested on the latest WordPress release and it wasn’t supporting the new HTML5 embed which came out just few days earlier.
    I hope this will help other people as well, and thanks for taking time to comment and for your RT!

  2. Thanks… this has been an issue for me and a blog I manage ( where our contributors would post video embed code only to have it stripped out at random times. Nothing worse than reference a video in a post and not have it appear. This will really help!

  3. paul lombard says:

    What’s it with Vimeo? It always seems to be sluggish to me!?
    paul lombard recently posted..paullombard- Cant wait for wp vs sharks currycup final !

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Well, sometimes it doesn’t start properly I admit, but I just reload the page and everything works fine. It’s the same with Youtube, so I guess Steve Jobs did right in killing Flash after all :p

  4. Groovedown Dev Team
    Twitter: weGrooveDown

    Thanks for the Plugin, it works like Charm :-)
    Would be cool if one would be able to see the settings and possibilites in the AdminPanel also and not only in the readme.txt since i installed the Plugin directly via WordPress.

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Yea I see what you mean, the problem is that not having settings at all it’s kinda overkill to include a configuration option on the admin panel. I actually use the same syntax, optimized with my blog’s width, for all the posts in which include a video, faster than typing it new all the time.

  5. Bertus Ras says:

    Maybe I’m just stupid, but maybe you could include the do this ([vimeo clip_id="XXXXXXX"]) part in the installation details. I directly installed your plugin off the WordPress thing, but had no idea how to use it. So I had to come visit your site and download the files just to get to the read-me so that I could figure out how it works. A bit counter-intuitive I think.

    Once that’s sorted it works perfectly though!

  6. Deryk says:

    helpful plugin. thanks. It might be good to fix the read me so you put the usage directions in the description or the installation. many people install plugins directly from the wordpress backend and never will see the readme.txt.

  7. Wayne@zija
    Twitter: myzija_zija

    I tried getting the plugin to work in my wordpress but was unable to. I am sure it was something I have overlooked and will give it another try. I am looking forward to using your plugin.
    Wayne@zija recently posted..Zija Weight Loss Testimonial

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      I never experienced any problem with it, in several blogs, however you might want to check the update to the post you can find on top, with the link to the new version of the original plugin from which this has spawned, that might prove more useful for you. Wish you the best of luck.

  8. toby

    i’m trying ot embed a vimeo vid onmy owrdpress site
    i’ve downloaded your plug in but now can’t work out how to use it?
    there’s an embed youtube icon in the wysiwyg page editor , but this asks for a youtube url

    please can you point me in the right direction? do you have a step by step guide?

  9. Embedding the vimeo url in a blog post works just fine but I can’t get it to work when a try to embed the url on a wordpress page. Is it only working in wordpress blog posts?

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      As far as I know it should work on posts and pages regardless, it’s the same code. Did you try the latest official version? It’s linked in the post.

  10. John says:

    I cannot get the shortcode to display Vimeo videos using this:
    [vimeo clip_id="20387695" "title="Orale" height="131" width="200"]
    or this:
    [vimeo clip_id="20387695" height="" width="200"]

    The videos show: “Sorry. There was a problem loading this video.” …OR: ERROR: No URL or video ID was passed to the Vimeo BBCode]

    I tried another plugin, but it’s not loading.

    If you give me an email I can send you a password to see the site (currently offline: – thanks for any suggestions & advice!

    John recently posted..Hello world!

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      I am sorry but I am not sure I can help you, when I modified the plugin I merely added the code for HTML5 support. However, as I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, the official version should be updated, not sure which one you tried.
      Good luck!


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