May 25, 2015

Unity3D 3.0f1 bootcamp demo + 3D anaglyph

We were kinda bored at work so we decided to give it a go and compile the bootcamp demo included in Unity3D 3.0f1 with 3D anaglyph support.
The result is a total “wow” factor and one of our 3D developers, Francesco Tozzi, completely nullified for the rest of the day.
Francesco’s comments (after the initial surprise-swearing):

“wow, the soldier, I feel like I can just grab him with my hand… and the bullets, I looked to the right the first time I fired, to see them falling on the office’s floor, just… wow.”

Particular attention to the kind of 3D glasses used for this demo: old school.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    freaky ;D

  2. paul lombard says:

    Reminds me of the early nineties, with everyone getting psyched on 3d goggles! x)
    paul lombard recently posted..paullombard- Cant wait for wp vs sharks currycup final !

  3. Kaya says:

    Wooww!! That is fantastic. Thank you sharing your code!

    I’ve attached your AnaglyphizerC to a First Person Controller’s Main Camera and it works as it is expected.

    When I uncheck the AnaglyphizerC on the Main Camera, I was expecting the First Person Controller Main Camera continue to function without any problem. However, Mouse Look function stops in Game view.

    Can you tell us how to enable/disable the AnaglyphizerC on First Person Controller’s Main Camera in run-time?