July 4, 2015

Unity3D anaglyph: 3D car configurator demo, design your car

Here we are with the weekly release of yet another demo of our Unity3D line of products anaglyph-enabled.
This week we focus more on usability rather than on the wow-effect, the demo is still very cool with glasses on but due to the technical use of the demo it’s not as effective as the virtual shop of last week’s.

A brief description of this demo:

This is part of our Unity3D-based applications for Internet.
It allows you to design your car and turn the model around 360° by dragging the left mouse button. You can customize any part’s color choosing from a configurable number of presets.
Unlike traditional flash-based configurators, using “tricks” to create the sensation of a 3D object, our configurators are truly three-dimensional and can be rotated and zoomed without limits. You can also walk around it using an avatar.
Once customized, the car can be connected to a driving 3D experience or to a pre-ordering / booking system to book a live test or to initiate the sale procedure.
The demo is also available in 3D anaglyph mode, by pressing the “3D” button on top of the screen.
The 3D configurators are an excellent virtual marketing tool and can be also integrated into a massively multiplayer experience, where people all over the world can exchange their designs and participate into a web based marketing campaign to promote a brand or line of products.
It is also possible to integrate our configurators into a larger mobile social network campaign through Facebook or other media, to encourage the sharing of ideas and setups.

Even this week the fearless Francesco Tozzi was called to demo the configurator in a video, this time with the aid of the proud He-Man riding the magical Yellow horse of Wisdom. Enjoy!

Links to the actual demo here: stand-alone for Mac / stand-alone for PC / Webplayer
Instructions: to activate anaglyph mode, click on the “3D” logo on top of the screen.
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