May 26, 2015

7 Simple and Effective Ways to Promote Your New Blog Post

7 Simple and Effective Ways to Promote Your New Blog Post

After the first part of my article where I described the “pre” and “during” of my blog writing process, it’s time to go a step forward and actually promote the lil baby a bit to improve your blog traffic, what do you think?

Let me begin with the two steps that will dramatically increase your Digg and StumbleUpon results

If I could, I would include flashy arrows to point this part of my post out, since it’s really completely overlooked by most, even famous bloggers (apart Suzanne Vara, she does blog marketing right).

You don’t like these services? Shame on you! They really are useful, both a good way to pursue without resorting to old-school pay per click advertising.

You like them but you don’t know how to include them in your blog? Shame on you again! But it’s ok, you can remedy to it now and get some tips too.

So the two steps I mentioned:

1. Click on your post’s Digg button and make the first submission!

WHY: you have to select the category and submit your article to Digg. It takes 10 seconds, your readers most likely don’t want to spend them. If they find the article already submitted, they just have to press the Digg button, done, 1 second, 9 seconds of their life saved. And you’ll get that Digg.

2. Click on your post’s StumbleUpon button and make the first submission!
WHY: you have to fill in the categories of your post (I try to select max 3), and click on the “Yes it’s safe for work”. Unlike Digg, this method is really badly engineered, I really hate it but you can’t help it, someone at StumbleUpon decided to include zillions of useless categories so selecting the right ones, even if there are some quick-links included, can be a dreadful experience.
And your visitors won’t spend a minute choosing them, so they’ll just skip it.
If you submit your article for them they just have to press a green button, 1 second job, and you’ll get your Stumble.

Update: Natalie in the comments below pointed out the fact StumbleUpon might not like you Stumbling your own stuff. I have made some research on the web, and it’s not really clear what’s their current position on this. I can say that my SU traffic is still there with no big chances over the weeks.
However, not to cause problems to anyone, I removed this part of my post. If you have any more information, feel free to share it with us please.

3. Snip a bit here and there

To share your newly created babypost, you will need a short URL.

I just head to, log in with my account (to keep track of the statistics associated to it, vital step: in case you don’t have a account, make one, now.) and shorten the URL of the post.

Then, I fire up Google Docs and open the document where I diligently save my blog posts list with the shortened URL next to them, so I can keep track, all the time, of my various posts and their links.

One more step before moving on: creating specific short links for the Retweets I’ll make using them.

What I mean is: I create long links concatenating my post’s URL and the various Google UTM variables, to keep track of the campaigns in Google Analytics. Ok ok relax before fainting… let me explain it a tiny bit better, it gets complicated…

Google Analytics can keep track of web advertising campaigns using variables which can be appended to any URL.

In my specific case, utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign.

utm_source and campaign will be equal to “Twitter”, while the utm_medium… well that’s a special value I assign according to the time of the day I send the Twitter on, and the kind of title text I use.

For example, if I use the default post’s title and send the Tweet at midnight, I will use a utm_medium value of “typeA00″, if I use a secondary title (to experiment which one gets more clicks, you know) and send the Tweet at 6am, I will use “typeB06″, and so on. Insanely complicated? Nah not much, but keep in mind this:

You will know, exactly, how many clicks a certain link, sent at a certain time with a certain title gets. You will know which title is more effective and which time of the day usually gets more clicks.

Pretty essential data if you ask me.

So how do I keep track of all this stuff? I use a Google Docs spreadsheet where I compile the post’s title and URL, add the type of title (“A”, or “B” and so on), the time of the Tweet (“00″, “06” etc). Now I can copy the generated URL from a calculated field, so I can shorten it on

For example, my previous post had a calculated “Final URL” equal to:

for the “midnight Tweet”.

4. Twittertime

At this point I usually press my post page’s own Tweetmeme button and send out a first Retweet of it to my followers, even ’cause it’s usually around 6pm when I get to this point, a good time for some Twitter promotion from my experience.

I then schedule the midnight and 6am Tweets in Hootsuite using the shortened URLs I previously made.

5. LinkedIn status update

It’s always good to update your LinkedIn status at least once a day, so what better chance to do it by linking your own new blog post?

I usually add a headline to my status update encouraging people to take a look at my post and let me know their feedback on it.

6. Get some BloggerLuv

I really love BloggerLuv! John Sullivan did a really awesome job with it, as it allows a wonderful blogging community to come together and share ideas and posts in a very friendly environment.

That’s why I always take a few minutes to hop over there and post a status update related to my post, to encourage feedback on it and get the opinion of people who know what they are doing.

You really should try it out now, it’ll be worth it, trust me.

7. Get engaged with BlogEngage

BlogEngage is an amazing blogging service providing access to a vast blogging community, more than happy to provide their opinion on your content while sharing their own for the same reason.

I am actually paying for the silver version of it, which gives you the benefit of setting automatic imports of your blog posts via its RSS feed, so you won’t have to do the operation by hand.

It’s a very interesting and worth service, so I advise you to give it a try and let me know what do you think about it. It really is full of helpful people and I am really thankful I ran into a post, several weeks ago, reviewing it.

At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting

You’ve done all you could, and in the most ethical way possible. No shameless spam, no endless self-promotion or give-out of promotional products, just you posting your ideas and giving others a mean to give you feedback on them.

Now you will wait patiently for your first Retweet or your first comment, without forgetting to always reply and show your human side while interacting to people who took time to read what you have to say.

Are you willing to give my method a try?

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  1. Gail Gardner
    Twitter: GrowMap

    HI Gabriele,

    These are some useful tips and I would like to add some others. I see you have CommentLuv so the fastest way to increase traffic is to go visiting starting with the commentators you find in other related blogs. That alone can double your traffic and bring you regular readers and commentators.

    Once you have relationships with other bloggers many of them will promote your content too – and multiple endorsements are much stronger than self-promotion.
    Gail Gardner recently posted..How CommentLuv Grows Businesses and Blogs

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      That’s true Gail, it’s just not a step that could be “automatized” in the spirit of this post.
      I was trying to collect the steps I personally make to promote each post as soon as I wrote it, but I totally agree on the CommentLuv part, you know how much I support it while I am kinda new at using it 😉

  2. Dana
    Twitter: danalingga

    For me, in term of traffic, the best work for me is stumbleupon and blogengage — the dig is the poorest. Despite of it, I agree with you that social networking/media is the best way to promote our new post in effective way.
    Dana recently posted..5 Java Phone Games For Your Cell Phones

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Well I agree, I don’t get stratospheric results from Digg, but I guess the fact lots of people left it doesn’t help either.
      I still have confidence though!

  3. Patricia@lavenderuses
    Twitter: lavenderuses

    Hi Gabriele

    Thanks for such an informative post. Being fairly new to blogging I am still learning heaps about getting my posts out there for others to visit and read. For me I have found in my small niche blog that a lot of traffic is coming from my visiting and commenting on other blogs, interacting with other bloggers and building community.

    I have noticed when my posts have been stumbled I do get a spike in traffic. Don’t know if these people stay and read or just bounce off so the jury is out on how effective it is. At the moment a guest post I have done has been submitted to BizSugar by the blog owner. Will see what eventuates with that.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenderuses recently posted..Lavender Product Review-The Truth- The Whole Truth…

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      I think every little help is a good thing, and I can confirm I get a good consistent traffic from StumbleUpon as well, just remember to add as many friends there as possible, sort of like Twitter on steroids. it’s a very good strategy to start to relate on yet another social network, and no counter-effects that I know of.
      Glad this post helped you!

  4. Petya N. Georgieva
    Twitter: pgeorgieva

    Hi Gabriele, I am definitely going to try the tip with the update of the LinkedIn status – I have thought about this before but seems like I always don’t find the time to do it whenever I write new post. Next time I will try it, I promise, and will see what will happen afterwards :)

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Don’t expect miracles Petya but it’s a lil bit that can always help, I think. Of course it’s as more effective as the amount of connections you have, so I hope it’ll work for you :)

  5. Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing
    Twitter: DennisEdell


    I saw you over at Gails place and her reply to your comment. i figured I’d come over and see your stuff for myself. I’m subscribed and will be watching! 😉

    Good tips here; promoting yourself is essential. it should always be pointed out though, whenever bookmarking yourself on those sites, you must also click along on others as well…most regulars really don’t like to see one promote only there own stuff. :)
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing recently posted..Time for YOU to Play Catch-Up! While I Launch Two Blogs –

  6. Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing
    Twitter: DennisEdell

    Is there a subscribe to comments plugin I missed here? if not, please install one ASAP. :-)
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing recently posted..Forum Marketing – Still an Awesome Method!

  7. Natalie@ Turkey Travel
    Twitter: turkishtravel

    Good points but want to discuss Stumble Upon. I heard that if you stumble your own posts, stumble upon will penalise you. I tried it and started stumbling other peoples posts and the amount of traffic i got from Stumble upon actually went up. To date, it is my greatest source.

    For the URl shorten, I also tried a recommendation of using stumble upon URl shortener and that increased traffic as well.

    Look forward to your thoughts on this.
    Natalie@ Turkey Travel recently posted..Haci Bektas – Seek And Find

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      That’s a good point I didn’t consider.
      I know for sure Digg actually encourages this, since you can integrate your RSS feed to your Digg account and auto-submit your stuff, so I assumed Stumble Upon had a similar behavior.
      I updated my post to reflect this “doubt” as I too have found conflicting information on the web.
      All I can say is that my StumbleUpon traffic, even if low, is still there, so I don’t know for sure, but I don’t want to cause troubles for anyone trying out my method.
      Thanks for your comment Natalie!

  8. Natalie@ Turkey Travel
    Twitter: turkishtravel

    Hi Gabriele,

    It would easier if Stumble Upon just told us really. LOL

    Followed you on Twitter and will let you know if I hear anything else. Thanks for the other tips especially Blog Engage
    Natalie@ Turkey Travel recently posted..Haci Bektas – Seek And Find

  9. Allan Douglas
    Twitter: allandouglasdgn

    Interesting post Gabriele. Some of it went “whoosh” right over my head, but I will come back later to re-read and follow the links for more information.

    i’ve been hesitant to to get involved with Stumble and Digg because they are so often touted by those to engage in unethical promotion (unethical by my own standard, others may disagree) Your explanation eases that trepidation. I’ll look into them

    Allan Douglas recently posted..Saturday Joy Ride – A Simple Pleasure

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      You definitely should, Allan, they not just provide a very good way to promote your content, but they often hide gems you wouldn’t find otherwise, and a valuable community to back them up. Hope it works out good for you too.

  10. Kharim@WebMaster-Success
    Twitter: BabyBoyKharim

    Love the great promotion tips and they are all free promotional tips which anybody can easily do. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Kharim@WebMaster-Success recently posted..Why Are Your Blog Subscribers Disappointed In You

  11. Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog
    Twitter: sweetsfoods

    Hi Gabriele,

    Excellent tips and I do several of them including Digg, SU and Blogengage.
    I’d add to share to Amplify and from there, then share to other sites like G buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, etc.

    About StumbleUpon, I’m an active user and the theme is like Twitter tweet (stumble) most of others’ material and, from time to time, your own stuff.

    By the way, just stumbled!


    Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog recently posted..Blogging by Impact – Do You Break The Blog Rules

  12. Thank you Gabriele, i never heard of bloggerlove and blogengage. Thanks for pointing out to me…Gonna try it right away…
    James Fulton@Dog arthritis recently posted..Rimadyl For Dogs Review

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      They are very good communities, not just for inbound traffic’s sake, but also to meet new and interesting people with fresh content. I hope you’ll find them valuable as I did.

      • Gabriele, I just tried blogengage, i was really amazed when i see the links are dofollow…Making upto the home page can really bring us an wonderful PR 5 Link….Its great rite?

        I see a number of wonderful people there, am talking with couple of them regarding guest blogging right now..

        Thanks Again

        James Fulton@Dog arthritis recently posted..Deramaxx For Dogs Review

  13. Alison Moore Smith@Amazing Life Blog
    Twitter: AlisonMSmith

    Darn! Somehow I crossed between two weeks and missed both of the top engaged lists with the Blog Engage Etiquette post. I tried! 😉

    Congrats to all listed above. Great work and great posts. :)
    Alison Moore Smith@Amazing Life Blog recently posted..Taco Seasoning Mix

  14. Alison Moore Smith@Amazing Life Blog
    Twitter: AlisonMSmith

    Wow, I clicked over to read your post and forgot to go back to post. So sorry! But great post!
    Alison Moore Smith@Amazing Life Blog recently posted..Taco Seasoning Mix

  15. Eugene says:

    Very good stuff, but you left out one very good blogging community that I’ve found very useful, Blog Catalog.
    I recommend that you check it out.

  16. Stephen@Blogging Tips
    Twitter: bloggingacademy

    Hi Gabriele,

    Some good tips in your post. I particularly like the idea of tracking links using Google Analytics. I’m going to read that part again and look more deeply into it.
    Stephen@Blogging Tips recently posted..Headline Split Tester WordPress plugin review

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Thank you Stephen, feel free to ask me further about it, it’s a method I find very valuable and I have no problem “disclosing” it more in details.

  17. In point Number 4 you mention Tweetmeme but you can use Oficial Twitter Button, it is esasy to configure in your website or blog, and Tweetmeme Stuff works directly with Twitter to make it possible. Best Regards
    Walter Alvarez recently posted..15 pinceles para photoshop estilo Grunge

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Yes I am aware of that, I chose Tweetmeme just because it allows me to see stats (as it uses with API support) while the Twitter button – for now – doesn’t allow that, as it uses its own proprietary shortener.

  18. Anna
    Twitter: mysandyda

    I just want to share my experience and observations – I use Digg and stumbleupon for searching what people like reading, what is interesting for them. These ideas I use for my future blog posts. It works.

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      That’s a very good way to use them. I think inspiration for a new post can come from everywhere, and the many sources of inspiration you have the easiest it is to keep your content flowing nicely.

  19. Nikmaya J says:

    Get traffic is essential part for blogger. For my new post I use auto ping plug in to tell search engine that My blog is update its content. This plugin give me more traffic from search engine. I also share my link on facebook, fark, ping fm, SU, dig, etc. I use plugin to do that. For me, the most important is a quality backlink, it is help our blog get a better reputation in search engine.

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      All good practices, the farther you get your message the better it is for your business after all. Every mean of doing so, if legitimate and not “smokey”, is more than welcome.

  20. Hi Gabriele,

    Excellent article with excellent 7 simple and effective ways to promote new blog posts like you said. Indeed, excellent tips, I will try each one of them, I’m very curious of the results, I’m looking forward to testing your great tips. You did an excellent job with this article. Congratulations for writing so good and being so helpful !

    Best regards,

    Maria Pavel@CNA Training recently posted..CNA Training Program – Finding The Right One

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      I still use these steps and I haven’t diverted much from them, I still think they are a good *start* to promote your blog, then it’s up to you to devise new approaches and keep “On the loop”, so to say. I hope this works for you as well as it works for me Maria

  21. Really valid tips. I’ve already been using some of them, and knew about others but didn’t think it was worth the time to try them. But i might try them anyway if you vouch for these methods. I just really hate the waiting part of your article, i’m more of an action man :)
    Alex@gifts for wife recently posted..Coastal Scents 88 Color Makeup Palette

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Sometimes “waiting” is a wise choice, but I understand you, it doesn’t feel right most of the times, if you’re not made to wait, it goes against your beliefs. You just have to cope with it.

  22. JaysBlog says:

    Good tips here. Thanks for sharing.

    I also noticed that I get more traffic from stumble than digg.
    JaysBlog recently posted..Cute- Sexy- Sweet- Heres Vanessa Hudgens!

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      That’s absolutely true, I have noticed this as well, I presume it’s really much intrinsic to the platform, StumbleUpon has most likely a different kind of user-base than Digg, especially since the user’s hemorrhage the platform has gone through in the latest months.

  23. Status update for any social networking sites is the most effective way to promote your new blog post. It’s very advantageous especially if you’re connected with lots of people. The good thing about this way of promoting your site is the ability of every user to share the links. You need to take advantage of this simple yet effective ways of promoting your current blog post.
    Angela@Dog fleas recently posted..Frontline Plus FAQ

  24. Jon
    Twitter: affiliatesouth

    Just popped over after reading your comment on Gail’s site. Interesting strategies you use. Your commentluv gave me a message I’ve not seen before.

    It appears that you are offline or another error occured contacting the API url, have you set it to use www or missed the www off the api url?? check the technical settings and add or remove www from the api url.

    Any idea what may have caused that?

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      No idea, I doubt it has anything to do with this blog, as we didn’t change anything. Probably just a temporary error of the plugin / comluv server? I hope it’s working now.


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