July 4, 2015

The Future of Social Business Cards, Interview With Per Schmitz

The Importance of Social Business Cards, Interview With Per Schmitz

I am always on the look for innovative services and web apps, but sometimes they literally fall from the sky right in front of me, and my attention gets caught.

That’s what happened a few weeks ago with Per Schmitz, founder of an innovative social business card service called DooID.

Needless to say I took the chance of an interview with a fellow entrepreneur right away.

So Per, first of all thanks for this interview. Now straight to the point, how did you come up with the idea of DooID and social business cards in general?

I first thought about creating an application for Virtual Business Cards a while after visiting Tim van Damme’s unique Micropage back in early 2009. The simplicity and functionality of Tim’s concept just blew me away, as it has nothing to do with overloaded Linkedin profiles or complicated content aggregators. Visitors understand who you are in the blink of an eye, viewing all your important contact and networking info in one tiny package.

Following this simple philosophy we published the first beta version of our DooID platform in September 2009, allowing everybody to create a shiny, customized Virtual Business Card in no time, as you can see on my own one, as an example.

Fast forward to a year later theVirtual Business Card concept has suddenly been pushed into the spotlight and the number of services offering a “one stop profile” is increasing steadily. Many different platforms make it difficult for the user to find the one that suits his needs.

I hope this interview will  point out what’s DooID’s secret sauce and will try to help you decide whether DooID might be the tool of your choice.

As you mention, there are already many offers of such a “one stop profile” service, so let me be direct: why should people choose DooID?

What makes DooID’s approach unique is the fact that we’ve always focused on making people easily accessible by helping them to share their contact data in an easy and efficient way.

While most other services only bring together your online identities, DooID can be seen as a full-blown contact hub. Our app allows to display all important contact details like phone, mobile, fax, instant messaging, address, etc. alongside social media services and websites, offering the possibility to download a V-Card file of a user’s contact data. The V-Card file can be directly imported into address books or email applications like Outlook or Gmail.

While the biggest part of visitors will be viewing your DooID on PC or Mac, there’s an ever-growing number of people using mobile devices for accessing the web. To make sure that your Virtual Business Card does a good job on the mobile web as well, the app automatically generates a special mobile version of it. People you meet on business events or even on holidays can instantly import your contact data into their mobile phone’s address book.

But that’s not all as far as I saw, you also have some pretty innovative features as well.

That’s true, another important DooID feature is the possibility to password protect selected information that should stay private. This kind of nuanced sharing enhances a person’s accessibility without spurning the privacy – definitely a hot topic these days.

Concerning the visual aspects we were looking for an elegant and easy way to make our users achieve appealing results even if they don’t possess cutting edge design skills. The solution we came up with was a hybrid of professionally designed templates and a plug’n play customization interface. Just choose your favorite template and modify colors, fonts and backgrounds until the result suits your personal style or your company’s ci.

Want to tweak your Virtual Business Card even more? Our Add Ons provide optional functionalities that allow further personalization: Map, video bio, QR Code, contact form, email signature, blog widget, analytics and more give your DooID some extra flavor!

Sounds great Per, thanks a lot for the chance to interview you and I wish you all the best with DooID, I really think there’s an important space for services like yours in this “new” business world, and I immediately took the chance to create mine, needless to say.

Thanks to you, we’re happy to answer any questions, just send a quick email to higuys@dooid.com.

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  1. Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing
    Twitter: DennisEdell

    So you give the URL out like a business card?
    Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing recently posted..Never Be Afraid to Fire a Customer or Unsubscribe a Reader

  2. John says:

    Gabriele – I think Per was very innovative for jumping into creating Virtual Business Cards, and this is definitely the future. Anything that helps people share their contact data easily is always a great idea. I think the add ons DooID provides are great. Really great interview, I look forward to another one.
    John recently posted..How To Find The Best Guitar Lessons

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Plus I am really growing tired of deciding what to put in business cards. Too many lines? Too few? Unnecessary clutter? That can give you a headache.

  3. Virtual business cards, I like that concept. It’s so cool when people find ways to make traditional stuff digital or web based. I’ll definitely check out Dooid. Thank you for sharing.
    Anne Sales @ You Love Coupons recently posted..Network Solutions Offer Code

  4. This is a brilliant idea and one that I’m sure DooID will see much success. Especially being mobile enabled, I can see the features of DooID surpassing other providers out there that offer far fewer features.

  5. Latief says:

    Wow, it looks great but I’m not sure about that ‘privacy protection’ thing, it’s a bit (too) risky… Though, a nice idea, thanks for sharing!
    Latief recently posted..Zubrin For Dogs Review

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      That privacy protection is a huge step forward compared to similar service. DooID is still very valid even without it – if you choose to input just business info, which you can do – but that surely packs up quite a punch.

  6. Patricia@lavenders
    Twitter: lavenderuses

    Hi Per & Gabriele

    Not being in the slightest bit techie, I found this post really helpful. Gabriele you did a great interview and Per thanks for explaining in a way even this technophobe could understand :-)

    A techie friend was sharing with me only this week about having code on my business card. I will now tweet him that I know what he is on about lol

    I really like the idea of a virtual card and will go check out your recommendations. Thanks for sharing this with us. Really enjoyed learning about something I knew very little about.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavenders recently posted..A Gardener’s Guide to Growing a Business

    • Gabriele Maidecchi Gabriele Maidecchi
      Twitter: maidoesimple

      Thanks Patricia, I am glad you found this interview valuable, it was great to interview Per, you know I always love to find out about new technologies and innovative things so it’s just a natural step to interview the founder in this case 😉
      Business cards are an old concept yet we can’t live without them, everything that aims to renew their experience is more than welcome.


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